1. NEA Membership

When you join your local chapter of the Student Education Association, you become a member of the NEA (National Education Association.) There are many perks about being apart of both, which include discounts to many wonderful companies and products, insurance breaks, and much more. You also become a member of the ISTA (Indiana State Teachers Association) as well.

2. Professional Development

As a member of the Student Education Association, you will be given many opportunities to acquire professional development hours, and having a wonderful time doing so.

3. Life Long Relationships

It is our goal to build lasting relationships and friendships with our members in this organization. We know that through all of our activities throughout each semester, there are moments shared that will last a life time.

4. Resume

Being a part of an organization, such as the Student Education Association, looks wonderful on a resume. It shows a potential employer that one is serious about the community at large, and has leadership potential.

5. Networking

You will have many opportunities to meet and mingle with teachers, principals, and other school corporation personnel.

6. Discounts

You will receive many discounts through the NEA when you join our local chapter. Such discounts include: New York and Company and Ann Taylor Loft.

7. Volunteer Opportunities

If you enjoy reaching your community in need, this organization is the best place for you. There are many community outreach opportunities that you will have an opportunity to be a part of. Such as: Back Pack drives, tutoring, and read-a-thons.

8. Kids

Everyone who is in the School of Education loves children. There will always be many opportunities for you to work with and spend time with children.

9.Leadership Skills

Throughout your time in this organization you will learn leadership skills that you will carry with you when you go to look for a job after graduation.

10. Teaching and Study Tools

When you join the NEA you will be able to access lesson plans, articles, and a Praxis Study guide on the NEA website. It is a wonderful tool for future teachers to refine their skills and knowledge.

Top 10 Reasons to Join SEA

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